Kipper draw~


I drew from the Kipper cards today. This looks pretty good except for the Short Illness card.

  •  #11- Lots of Money  money, winnings, conquest, a large sum. A payoff. Money coming.
  •  #23 – Court –  justice, political, authorities, bureaucratic, Court, decision
  • #31 – Short Illness – tiredness, disease, medicine, tired, sick, a short time in duration

The first two are wonderful- It looks like a a legal win to me; or at the very least alot of money coming from authorities, either during a time of illness, or great tiredness.

I just happened to wake up this morning, feeling pretty darn lousy; all sinus/head cold and a sore throat. I’m also pretty darn tired!

So this is either talking about money coming from legal or “authority” while I’m sick, or literally in a short time (another meaning for the short illness card)

Combining the #11 & #23 you might get “financial decisions”-

Combining the #23 & #31 you’d get the poss. interp of “decision being taken during the time of ill health, or tiredness”

I can’t see me having to make any financial decisions at the moment– but if an offer to settle came in, that would fit the bill.

You know, our lottery is worth 39 million & the drawing is tonight…. think I’d better muster up the energy to go buy a lottery ticket just in case! lol

If someone were fighting a medical malpractice suit or something, this would be a great draw! not the case here though-

I’ll let you know-