Sibilla 3 card draw-


Life has been very hectic and crazy over the last few months, and I’m sorry to say that my posts dwindled to nothing. I continued working with different cards, but had no time and sometimes no access to write about them.

I’m doing my best now, to make it a priority to post at least 2-3 times a week, if at all possible- I’ve missed my Blog buddies alot!!!

Here, I drew 3 cards from the Sibilla della Zingara – an Italian deck. The more I use it, the more I love it.

Allegria is the joyful celebration.

L’Amante is the ‘favored one’; usually a young male, fair haired. This would at the moment represent my middle son, who’s away at University over on the West Coast…

Viaggio is the travel/voyage card.

So it looks like we’ll be celebrating soon the return of my son from college 🙂

He’s due to come back mid-April sometime, but I haven’t been able to book the flights yet, and it’s causing me some distress. This draw is reassuring, because it looks like we’re having a happy reunion and he makes it home!

Update: Today is the day that my son is travelling back (April 16) and there has been news of a celebratory nature on the phone from a business partner- literally while my son is travelling! lol
We got the best news that a deal has been struck and money is coming in 🙂