Sibilla della Zingara 3 card draw~


I always laugh when I see La Nemica – not everyone has a female enemy, but my husband and I really do!

She’s a nasty piece of work- a crook, and one we’ve been trying to beat in the courts for 6 years. We won a judgement, but hadn’t seen any payout in the months following.

I am pretty sure, that with Fortuna and Denari (which is lots of money!) that this is about to change.

Fortuna can represent an increase in wage, inheritance, winning the game! It indicates a fortunate period.
Denari is the card of money, and of liquid assets. It’s the card for gain.

So put this together with our “female enemy” La Nemica, and we have something great about to happen! lol

This mirrors the Lenormand/tarot spread I did on my sister blog: The Lenormand Oracle.

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