Gypsy Card draw~


After reading some of Cat’s and Lorielle’s posts on the Gypsy Cards, I thought I would get back into practicing with them as well.

Last night, my husband and I were ensconced in working on his website, dealing with the decision to put our house up on the market, and financial issues; in short, alot is going on.

I decided to throw the Gypsy cards to see what I would get, and smiled with these three.

Thought-Fidelity-Lover certainly reflects the way I was feeling and thinking. All day, I had been deep in thought and in appreciation for my mate of 9 years. I reflected on all the strange adventures and challenges that we’ve had to face in that time. It has bonded us in a way that no one could come between 🙂 we’re both really ‘out there’ in our interests and beliefs LOL, and I just found myself thinking there could never be another man for me…..

Then I drew these cards!! my loyal thoughts and loving feelings dominated the cards…..not a bad way to end the day.