Gypsy Line of 5 Spread~

*Please read prior post below, before reading this one*


I thought I would experiment and use the Line of 5 spread with the Gypsy cards. I actually did this spread on Sunday, before finding out that my step daughter was sick.

When I first looked at it, I thought that maybe I was going to feel very upset about putting our house on the market- and end up making myself sick! A very good interpretation, as we don’t want to sell our house- we are just trying to keep our heads above water! It’s been delayed a week, with my husband gone, and we may actually not have to go through with it- but I’ll save that for another reading post!

The Gypsy cards in this line, actually reflect pretty well the Kipper cards of the prior post. The middle card, House, showing that this is a family matter, and my sense of ‘Home’.

I think the Sadness and Loss represent how I feel about “losing” my husband at the moment. Normally, when all is running smoothly, I’m perfectly fine with him going off and travelling! (Frankly, I enjoy the Me time! lol)- but at this moment in our lives, we’re under incredible amounts of stress- just holding it together by our spiritual beliefs and our wacky sense of humor….and each other’s support.

I really feel his absense big time, unfortunately.

The Jealousy & Malady cards represent how I feel about the reason for his absence….having to go be with his daughter (and rightly so). Rather than the word Jealousy…which really doesn’t totally fit the bill; I think it’s more of a feeling of resentment and annoyance of the timing. I haven’t surrendered too well to the circumstances- and hence, now I’m sick with a bug, most likely because of the Resistance I felt!

If you then link the 2 outer cards, you have Sadness & Malady– I am definitely upset over the fact that my step daughter has a mystery illness. (They’re running a CAT scan today to see if it’s neurological)

Then linking the 2 inner cards, you have Loss & Jealousy, which again shows my sense of loss and resistance to him being gone at this time….

I didn’t have  clue what these cards were talking about on Sunday, so I didn’t post them right off the bat- now, I’m amazed at how perfectly they fit with the other card readings that we both did at the time!

I will definitely keep experimenting with the Gyspy cards and see what meanings they bring up to me 🙂 good or bad!


2 comments on “Gypsy Line of 5 Spread~

  1. (((((spirity))))))

    Neverseems to end for you, does it. Hope everything will turn out fine and you feel better very soon.

    Great to have you joining the Gypsy club!

    Cat xxxxx

  2. Thanks Cat 🙂

    It’s been a year (or two!) of real challenges and testing. Somehow, I usually trust that it will all work out.
    Guess I needed some down time, and the only way I’d take it is to get sick! yuck-

    The Gyspy cards are quite good- I’m understanding them better now I think, because of all my work with some of the other systems. They’re kind of “in your face” though! lol


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