Tea Leaf Fortune cards~


I drew these three cards this morning, and didn’t have a chance to post them.

Three very self-explanatory cards that are very very welcome!

We have been in a financial pickle, for one thing, and then there’s the legal battle- I received news just a little while ago that there are major changes on both fronts! So it really does look like the worst is over….and I am pretty excited! lol



I wanted to post an update to a drawing that I did with the Kipper cards on April 12th.

A judge has indeed agreed, and has put out an order to have the crook woman arrested and put into jail for contempt of court!!

The cards keep telling me the story 🙂 I just can’t predict times! For me, a daily draw can be days out- but it always become clear eventually.

I think it’s amazing enough at how accurate the cards can actually be-


Playing cards draw~


I drew these cards this morning, and am not quite sure…there are 2 levels here to this.

Traditionally, the jh11 represents the young “favored” one, the sensitive one. This is my son, M, who is leaving University today to fly back home for 2 weeks before starting his summer internship.

The combination of the  200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small1 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small1 says that M is going to be heartsick….lovesick.

Today, he is saying goodbye to 2 international students who became his adopted family. Neither are returning to the school in the Fall. One, is a girl from Belgium, and although they were just friends, they were actually closer in some ways that he’s ever been with a “girlfriend”- they did everything together! lol

I think this is showing that parting is going to be really sweet sorrow…..    goodbyes are tough.

Now, if the jh12 represented my stepdaughter who’s ill (she’s usually the JD though)

the 200px-playing_card_heart_10_svg_small2 and the 200px-playing_card_spade_4_svg_small2 could represent circulatory problems. The 10H can refer to circulation in health matters, and the 4S can refer to illness, confinement.

She has numbness in all of her limbs, and the medical establishment can’t seem to discover what’s causing it.

The cards don’t usually tell you what you already know, and the the JH is usually my son…. so that’s what I’m going to take this draw to mean. He’s going to have a hard time parting from these two close buds….

If you want to learn to read the Playing cards, there are 2 fantastic resources that I highly recommend. There is a forum online, that is a wonderful friendly community- The Art of Cartomancy, which is primarily focused on reading playing cards, but also has sub forums on other cards of interest.

And I highly recommend the book or cd, The Card Reader’s Handbook by Regina Russell. She has operated a tea room in Quincy Massachussetts since the 70’s, where card reader’s of her method read for the public. I hope to visit there next time I’m in Boston!