The Fortune Teller’s Mah jongg cards

Life has been so hectic over the past few months, that I haven’t had a chance to seriously get to know the wonderful Mah Jongg cards. I thought that I would add them to the rotation of cards that I work with, even if it’s only to draw 3 or 4 cards…

Here’s what I drew:


6 Bamboo (Water) – The element of Water signifies communication.This may be in the form of correspondence, or travel. It is also linked with health and healing (good).

Green Dragon – Commence- This card gives the go ahead for any new enterprise. If there are doubts embarking on new schemes, this card is a reassuring sign that one can proceed with confidence. Regarding health, this card expresses confidence in the patient’s recovery. This is an excellent sign for the inauguration of any new enterprise.

5 Bamboo – Lotus – The opening lotus signifies new birth, the mystical symbolism is of a spiritual awakening. Frequently this symbol appears to those who have recently endured a severe loss, financially or otherwise – it is the rebirth, the starting again. There may be unfulfilled ambitions which now have the possibility of being realized. The great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, “What may appear to be a calamity often gives rise to fortune.”

For many, the lotus brings the happiest of news, or indicate an opportunity for a new life. It is always a reassuring symbol, with new ideas and inner happiness. Contentment is signified.

30 West- I added a 4th card, which isn’t usually done as they are read in three’s…I just couldn’t resist! lol so I’ll call it a ‘clarifying card’ 🙂 The card West seems to represent the objective, that the querent has to face. This is either another person, like a partner either in business or marriage, or it may represent obstacles.

As a clarifyer I think both apply; it relates to my partner or his daughter, and also to the obstacles we’ve been faced with.

So in summation, I think there are 2 ways I could read this. If it relates to another, and it’s about health; then it’s concerning my step daughter. This might be saying that there is going to be a  recovery, but I think with the Lotus it’s also saying that this will have been a wake-up call to live her life differently. She is a workaholic, stressing to perfection. It has gotten steadily worse over the last few years. So possibly this health matter will be the message she needed, to balance life better.

The other way of taking these cards is to say that there is news coming, and that things are moving forward, and that we will be starting a new chapter in our lives soon.

I hope it is both, frankly.


8 comments on “The Fortune Teller’s Mah jongg cards

  1. Hello, I was thinking of picking up this deck off ebay. It seems that there are two versions each one having different packaging. one for the UK and another for the US. Would you know if one is a better quality then the other? Quality control is not always consistant in tarot decks. Case in point being the Crowley tarot usgames/agm versions. And that is only one example. I recently found a copy of Stephen Skinners The Tibetin Oracle Pack and it is very nice the only thing it lacks is having the iching imbedded into the cards. These cards not only look to have the iching as a part of it but walters like skinner is a noted expert in his field. O.k I’ve rambled enough. Thanks Earl

  2. Hi Earl,
    Welcome to my blog. I couldn’t honestly tell you- I have only seen the UK version, and it’s the one I have.
    The card stock isn’t as thick as some other decks I have, but then again, there are alot of cards in this deck!
    They hold up well though- and I highly recommend them- I have to do some more readings with them…
    They’ve been pretty accurate.

    If you find out what the difference is, if any, please let me know.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello Spirity,

    I’ve just ordered this deck. I was looking for reviews about it and found that you have it!

    A sort-of Chinese Lenormand, but with lots more cards….. YAY!

    I’ve also heard that a version of this deck has rather thin (and bendy) cardstock, but as yours is from UK and is holding up well, it bodes well for me. They look lovely.


  4. Hi Bee!
    I think you’ll love it – I need more time to get to know them better, but I really like them.

    The reader I knew in Yorkshire who read professionally with them, had kind of thin ones, but they held up really well. I doubt you’ll find you have a problem with them. There are so many of them, it’s not like you’re overhandling them like you might with a 36 card deck.

    Nice to hear from you!


  5. Spirity, I’ve ordered them!

    I also have the Feng Shui Tarot – must be going through my ‘Asian’ period…

    You know, I think this deck will help me with the feng-shui, and probably vice-versa. I have one of Derek Walters books, it was a present about 6 years ago. I’d barely looked at…. and now I’ve all but devoured it!


  6. Hi Bee 🙂

    Yes, I’ve tried the Mah Jongg spread a few times. I had planned on posting it, but I never got the time to write about it. I know that some of it came true…I’m waiting on all the travelling adventures it promised!

    I’ll have to try another one, and write about it–I’m way overdue.

    Aren’t they cool cards? I’m going to post 3 card draws at the very least, to continue getting the feel for them. That practice has brought about breakthroughs in understanding many decks. I get to see themes being expressed within the different cards.

    You’ll have to share your thoughts about them as you experiment 🙂


  7. Hello,
    I have been a mah jongg oracle reader for over ten years, I have many friends that are tarot readers, but I have never met anyone that reads the mah jongg, I was always drawn to china and their ways, which is why I probably found these cards one day and started working with them.
    I try to read with ying and yang, with consideration and feeling for the person, where there is bad , there will also be good, so if a person looks like they are going to have a hard time, i look for the positive, as the good will always help us overcome the bad.

    Occasionally I have had departed spirits come to me during a reading, I go all cold and goosebumps appear on my arms.
    I have found these cards to be very acurate over the years, as good as any tarot card reading, mah jongg is not widely known though, and has only come to light these last few years since the internet has picked up in them. I had a rather rude lady phone me once when i was living in yorkshire, and she told me she had lived in china for 15 years with her husband in the army and she had never heard of such a thing, that the mah jongg could predict the future, so i told her she had probably lived in china for 15 years but she had never embraced the culture, because every temple in china has a diviner of the oracle, so i told her to choose one tile, the first one that springs to mind, and i told her the meaning, she didnt no what to say to me after that!!!!

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