Gypsy cards: Officer,Thief,Unexpected Joy

There are a few posts that I hope to put up today 🙂 but I especially wanted to share my Gypsy card draw first!


I drew Unexpected Joy again! Woo hoo! Forgive me, but things have been so stressful as of late, that the idea of Unexpected Joy is like winning the lottery! lol

The Officer, in this case, I’m convinced is an officer of the court – our lawyer – someone connected to the Justice system.

And pretty obviously there is going to be something we consider great, happening concerning the woman-crook! Whether it’s that she’s hauled off to jail to contemplate her naval, or we get word that she’s ready to talk turkey, I don’t know…..but it makes me smile at any rate! and that’s always a gift.


***Please take note– I discovered that night, that I had posted the cards in the wrong order!! I have never done that before. Sorry to Lorielle who kindly posted her thoughts.

3 comments on “Gypsy cards: Officer,Thief,Unexpected Joy

  1. One thing I notice about the Unexpected Joy card is the bag of money at his feet… see in the Theif card, that same bag of money is about to run out the door with the Theif. You find happy thoughts and feelings with the Unexpected Joy card. Something completely unplanned for and totally out of the blue makes you very happy. 🙂 Don’t let anyone rain on your parade by sneaking in and stealing your thunder!

  2. Hi Lorielle 🙂
    I’ve been pondering your interesting point about the money bags- that’s pretty cool.

    If I were to be happy out of the blue, it would have to be connected to the Officer (the lawyer in this instance)…his news which came true very quickly in the Kippers was OK, but not exactly what we were hoping for.

    I’m a bit happy that my Kipper draw was proven right, around the lawyer, but it’s not unexpected joy!
    I haven’t hit that yet, for sure 🙂 I’m still thinking it will be about an actual person who’s a thief, but if not, I’ll be sure to safeguard those happy feelings when they come. My parade has been rained on for way too long!!! lol

    I will treasure feeling like that leprechan. Now here’s something: there he is with the chest of gold and bags as well…like the “Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow”….richness in all it’s forms?

    This draw is going to bug me-


  3. As noted on the main post- I somehow reversed the positions of Unexpected Joy and the Thief. I didn’t notice the mistake until evening, when I glanced at the cards still laid out on my bed.


    Ending in Unexpected Joy seems to make more sense to me, rather than the other way around.
    News came that the “thief” is required to face the judge in court to explain why she shouldn’t be held in contempt….this she will not want to do because of an arrest warrant out on her in another case!!
    I think this will work out to our advantage 🙂


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