Kipper~ Pleasing Letter – Rich Lass – A Long Way


A Letter – Rich (young) Lass – A Long Way

Rich lass, which usually refers to a young woman shows up for my step-daughter. At first glance, I would say that there is some kind of news around her; most likely test results.

And again, just on the surface, “A Long Way” most likely decribes that she lives at a distance.

In combining Rich Lass with A Long Way, there are some interesting other meanings that I want to share.

It could be describing how she is at the moment: slow & sluggish. It also would describe her as indifferent and apathetic. Having seen her on webcam, I would have to say that that’s a pretty accurate description of her at the present. She seems distant, and lost in her own world, mentally, and slow and sluggish physically. It describes someone who is not exerting themself in any way. She reminds me of someone who might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, although I think that’s been ruled out.

Today she went for an MRI- maybe the “letter” is connected to getting results….If not, it’s either saying that I will hear from her, or that she is receiving some news.

Update: Pleasing letter can mean good news, but it’s also the card for written or even oral communication. I received news about the condition of my step-daughter tonight, and it may just be that the cards were showing that. The combination of the Rich Lass and the Long Way was very correct, as I heard that she can barely focus on anything and keeps falling asleep.
The other layer to this might be that she received communication from her health insurance today…