Shustah: Red Gate – Red Cat – Holy Pigs


I couldn’t wait until the book arrived before I started bonding with the deck 🙂 itchy fingers! I visited Rev. Ken Foor’s blog to get a little insight on the cards.

I wasn’t surprised to see the Red Gate. I am being blocked BIG TIME in just about every direction…except spiritually.

Rev. Foor wrote about the Red Gate this way:

“There is purpose in the shut gate. If you can’t move forward, might as well enjoy it.
Time for some rest today and quiet time.
There may be some things you can do while you wait.”

I am doing just that, focusing on my metaphysical studies that keep my mind engaged, and keep the worry at bay 🙂

The Red Cat had me a little nervous! He looks ready to pounce! This looks like a panther, so I looked up the metaphysical meanings to a black panther at A.Venefica’s great blog.

“The panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power. When the panther animal totem comes to us (whether it be in the form of images or real sightings) we must begin paying attention to the strength of our inner being – our internal fortitude, and the condition of our spiritual strength & valor.”

Rev. Foor says this about the Red Cat:

“The cat is telling us to be alert.  The black cat is the card of alert attention. There may be danger so alertness is appropriate. Something very powerful is coming into your life – a teacher? Feel the love.  Stay centered.  Be ready like the cat. Watch your emotions so they won’t get in the way.  Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to be grounded and present.”

The Holy Pigs reminds me of the Pig in the Chinese Horoscope. When it’s the Year of the Pig it can be a time of great abundance &  fertility & creativity. It’s an auspicious time. The Golden Year of the Pig only happens once in every 600 years! 2007 was the most recent year. It is Golden because of the combination of the elemental Fire and the sign, Pig. The Golden Pig is a sign that wealth and luck are always near.

Rev. Ken Foor mirrors this with this comment on the Holy Pigs:

“The Little Holy Pigs is the card of good luck. This leads material gain and good fortune in any area and on all levels.”

I am a Pig in the chinese horoscope – so I will remember this card, and be happy to draw it! I think my first draw with the Shustah is giving me an important message.

There have been blockages put in front of me for a reason. The Panther says that I am learning alot about my inner strength and power during this time…I’m finding out what I’m made of! It also tells me to stay alert, because something very powerful is coming into my life….be ready….that something powerful looks like a major change in the circumstances – with great luck and financial gain.

I have been very rich in my life, living very well, and I have been very poor living on practically nothing – I know both ends of the spectrum. The pendulum swung back to the leaner side of life, this past year, and it really required me to rethink everything. It has changed me greatly this time.

I get the feeling that the cards are saying to me, remember all that you’ve learned from this experience, and be sure to take it with you into the cycle of the Golden Pig.  Stay Present and Alert, things are going to change.

Well, for my first reading with the Shustah, before even getting the book in the mail, I am extremely impressed!

These cards are remarkable!

I did find an online source for the cards and the book as a set. Maybe you will join me?  lol

4 comments on “Shustah: Red Gate – Red Cat – Holy Pigs

  1. They’re very intriguing cards Cat!
    They hit me as being able to go very deep with their reading capabilities.

    Sometimes you want to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, and other times you want to know what the state of your Being is….these strike me as being able to do the latter very well.

    I think I’m going to enjoy these cards, and can’t wait for the book to arrive 🙂


  2. You are just feeding my addiction by giving me a link to these cards. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to resist. Grrr 😉

    • They are SO worth it!! LOL
      Give in to temptation!

      Seriously, there are alot of decks out there that are fluff, in my opinion. This deck is not one of them. I am convinced that this deck will connect more deeply than most, and I plan to share that journey here.

      You won’t be able to resist for much longer! lol

      your enabling friend,

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