Sibilla 3 card draw


Now, whether I get really concerned or not depends on who L’Amante is!

L’Amante is a woman who is loved within her circle. She is kind and generous, loving. Many times, she represents the consultant, but she can also represent someone very close to the consultant; someone loved.

L’Amante can often refer to a young woman.

This won’t sound very nice, but I hope it’s the latter! (meaning someone else and not me -sigh*- I’ve had enough to deal with!)

La Lettera brings news, whether good or bad depends on the surrounding cards. La Lettera can come in any form these days; it can be the  “letter”/mail, email or text; or it can be a phone call. It can also represent documents,  working contracts, maybe test results….anything that is found normally in written form.

As an aside, it can point to a profession as well, such as a writer, journalist, jobs related to communications.

Disgrazia is just not a good card! All you have to do is look at it; everything going up in flames, people jumping off the building….not good at all. Disgrazia translates to  “misfortune”. Its the arrival of upsetting news, loss, accidents,( can literally mean a road accident or a fire).

Emotionally, it can be news of a breakup, divorce or widowhood, someone suffering from a loss.

Health-wise, Disgrazia can refer to inflammation, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease…problems with the arteries.

Two interpretations come to mind for this draw.

1) I will hear from a beloved friend that she has endured something very upsetting and tragic;  or

2) My step daughter will receive the results of her medical tests and find out that there is something more seriously wrong than what she and my husband are thinking. If you look at the young lady, she is actually holding a piece of paper…is it she who is receiving the news? if not her test results, then news from her health insurance or work that’s extremely upsetting.

I have a very strong feeling that #2 is the correct interpretation of this draw.

I will update as soon as I know-

update: (later in the evening) – oh how I hate to admit this, but so far it looks like the news and the misfortune is mine. We discovered that we had a problem with a credit card we depend on– a problem that just shouldn’t be as we’re not behind on it. I’m waiting to hear from my husband on this matter now….I feel like we’re on fire, just like in the card. Leaping out of the building isn’t an option though! I’m L’Amante….wouldn’t you know it?

One comment on “Sibilla 3 card draw

  1. One thing about the Disgrazia (Misfortune) card is it can be seen as “You snooze – you lose.” Obviously, when something such as a fire raging out of control is happening, time is of the essence. I think that your step daughter will receive some results that will require here to act fast. The sooner she puts a plan of action into place and gets things moving, the better. I don’t know why, but I just get the impression that time is important here. Keep us posted!

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