Playing cards – Jack of Hearts – 9 of Clubs – 9 of Spades


This draw worried me a little bit this morning. I love reading the playing cards, and have had a great deal of confirmation with them. This seems to be reffering to my son, M. He’s my Jack of Hearts.

The Jack of Hearts, is the sweet one, similar to the Page of Cups in the tarot. They’re the sensitive, kind ones.

flowerss To say it all, I just adore this young man ๐Ÿ™‚ he is my Joy of joys.

The 9 of Clubs describes that he is at a distance from me. Yesterday, he traveled to Alberta to start a summer internship required for University. He left the warmth of Nova Scotia (odd to say!) to snow in Alberta! lol

I’m not happy to see the 9 of Spades finishing this up, as this means worry and stress for my son. Hopefully it doesn’t mean illness! Such a change in weather could certainly bring it on.

I know that he is quite stressed today, starting this new job. The 9 of Spades can have the meaning of feeling depressed, (I know he’s missing home) or of feeling pressured. He wants so much to start off on the right foot.

Now interestingly, having two 9’s has an added meaning: of higher learning (which he’s involved with) and with the travel industry. He is working at a resort for the summer!

Hopefully the 9 of Spades aspect will wear off quickly!!

update: I talked to him later that night- he was very stressed in the morning before taking the taxi to the resort, but once he met other students and saw his accomodations he was fine. I’m glad it was just first day jitters ๐Ÿ™‚

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