Sibilla cards – Bambino-Gran Consolazione – Militaire


These are images from the Sibilla Originale; so beautiful! (Click on the cards to see more of the details)

I’m very happy to have drawn these cards…only getting a little impatient! lol

Bambino (baby) is projecting a bright future, rich in hope and expectations in every field, since it’s in relation to a birth, the arrival of something completely new and welcome in the life of the querent; or an improvement of situations already in place. In the financial sector, it promotes gains in revenue, in varied ways, such as winnings and inheritance.

Gran Consolazione is a fantastic card. It is the most favorable card you can draw concerning finances, (which is greatly on my mind right now). The card shows the arrival of wealth in every form,though I have read that it is the arrival of wealth from hard work and effort, not from a lottery-type win, or inheritance…it has to do with the professional arena. The abundance also comes from the positive attitude of the person, their persistence & tenacity.

Having the first card talk about wins and the second card hinting at great gains but through work, combine beautifully to say that we receive a Win through our efforts on the work issue (legal case around work).

The Militaire firms up this thought, by describing those in authority, who serve, like a lawyer…

Militaire, for me, would be comparable to the Officer in the Gypsy deck. This has come up before to denote the younger of 2 lawyers my husband has working on his case.

It can also denote litigation, quarrel,squabble, wrangle…. the return of old enemies..

I would take the combination of these 3 cards to mean the arrival of good news, something of a win–lots of money involved and literally, it’s coming from “the return of an old enemy”, or it’s coming from litigation or a dispute. So, in this case, the Militaire aptly describes where this money is coming from!

If the Militaire also refers to one of the lawyers, it will be the younger one that we hear from.

I am so ready for this series of draws to come to completion! Then I’m looking forward to draws about travelling to far away places, and a new wardrobe!!! LOL


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