Gypsy cards: Widower – Jealousy – Lover


My lover/husband is far on the other side of the country (Canada); and will be for another 2 weeks. It hit me strongly when I drew these cards that he is feeling like the Widower, all alone, separate from his love…missing her.

He doesn’t do well for long periods apart (!)- I’m wondering if this is going to bring about another spell of upset with him. Sometimes he will act almost  jealous, as though I’m having fun without him somehow. It’s in feeling disconnected that anxiety &  frustration rises up in him. It’s happened before; it’s already happened on this trip! lol

The funny thing is, I’m NOT having any fun at all!! I’m stranded with almost no money, and creditors to deal with–not a barrel of laughs! But the thing is, I’m at home, that place that even in the most stressful of times, is our little oasis. I may just be making cookies with my daughter and having a brief laugh and that could trigger a sense of him missing everything.

I hope I’m wrong, but  it sounds like a good probability.

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