Shustah: Bed + Magical Horse + The Playful Page


I drew these cards early afternoon, all excited because my book on the Pages of Shustah arrived. I thought I would intuit them first, from the little bit I know- and then expand.

The Red Bed card struck me as being similar to the Stanza card in the Sibilla, or the Living Room in the Kipper which describe family space, family matters; except that this is more personal. It’s about me in a personal sense, and most likely about getting rest! I am very very tired at the moment…running around juggling too many things, trying to put out too many fires on my own, while my husband is away. It’s wearing me out- physical activity will do that, but so will stress.

The color red, certainly would correspond well with stress. Red & bed; this stress and activity is making me worn out. I feel that this Page is telling me I need to take time for some rest, for personal down time. I can’t do everything today or even tomorrow! Rest.

Green is a healing color, growth & renewed energy! and both the Magical Horse and the Playful Page are showing Action and renewed vitality.

Maybe the simplest message of these 3 beautiful cards is that if I take the time to rest, as they suggest, I will have vim and vigor, and actually feel playful and creative. The Playful Page also reminds me of the Page of Pentacles in the tarot, where the page is juggling 2 pentacles. So if I take a time-out, and rest properly, I will have the energy to resume juggling all the different demands on my time, and be able to do it in a state of joy instead of feeling hassled.

Does this make sense? it really does to me, and I haven’t cracked open the book yet!! LOL

OK- cracking open the book: I’m right about the bed, a need for physical rest. It also on a higher level of meaning can refer to having a vision in that place in-between being awake and asleep. So possibly I will get an idea that I will then put into action happily.

Green Horse– if I take the advice of the Red Bed, then I will be vitalized and prepared for action- I will make swift progress with my pursuits. The Green Horse is also the vehicle of expression, which leads me to the next card:

Playful Page – if I take heed and rest, I will be able to express myself more creatively, and have some fun! I will find my balance within the contrast (and there’s ALOT of that!).

Maybe, if I am really lucky, the cards are telling me to go ahead and rest, stop stressing, because everything is going to swiftly change for the better, and I’ll be able to focus on more enjoyable pursuits soon! That would be really wonderful 🙂


Heads Up! Shustah~

I’ve recently discovered a new blog that’s dedicated entirely to the Shustah, and it’s very very good!

The writer has been working and reading professionally with the Shustah for over 20 years.

This blog is definitely a reader and a keeper! Check it out at this link.  It’s called Shustah Wisdom.

I’ve done draws and readings today, but am stuck working  on the computer for now- will post late this afternoon or early evening 🙂