Heads Up! Shustah~

I’ve recently discovered a new blog that’s dedicated entirely to the Shustah, and it’s very very good!

The writer has been working and reading professionally with the Shustah for over 20 years.

This blog is definitely a reader and a keeper! Check it out at this link.  It’s called Shustah Wisdom.

I’ve done draws and readings today, but am stuck working  on the computer for now- will post late this afternoon or early evening 🙂


2 comments on “Heads Up! Shustah~

  1. Hi Spirity,

    I found that one too and what’s there is great but it doesn’t seem to be regularly added to which is disappointing.


  2. Hi Cat 🙂

    I have just found out today that this blog is authored by my friend, Kapherus! of the Art of Cartomancy forum- He is quite knowledgeable about Shustah and a wonderful writer to boot. I’m sure he’ll get back to writing there, Shustah holds a special place for him. We’ll just all have to keep bugging him too!! lol (oh oh–probably shouldn’t have said that! lol)


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