Sibilla~ Gelosia – Mercante – Denari


Gelosia definitely describes the man who I equate with the Mercante.

Unexpected and unfavorable events announce the arrival of a tragic, critical and difficult period. Serious defamations, misfortunes, scandals, incidents are on the agenda and throw the person into an inner imbalance. There is ominous news, causing tears and suffering. A separation, a divorce is not excluded from possibility, economic losses, malaise, all detrimental to the person.

Mercante is the one who deals with lots of money, and transactions pertaining to money. What comes to mind is the banker or the trader. In this case, it’s the trader. He is desperate to have one of the group of deals he’s orchestrated reach the place of completion and payout. He had thought he would have the last piece in place today, and that money would arrive in the business account today or tomorrow. I know he is not only stressed, as others are waiting and depending on these deals, but is down about it. So close, but not close enough to make things right. He is suffering big time from the delays and pressure.

I am hopeful seeing the card, Denari here though. It doesn’t describe the situation as it is, because the first do that job just fine. Denari announces that the person will receive unexpected aid, most likely from the past, such as a gift, inheritance…it’s a very favorable card that guarantees the realisation of economic tranquility. Maybe one of his wealthy connections will help him through the short term, paying back a favor… or maybe it’s just simply showing that the goods do, finally arrive…..

This draw came up for me, because we are one of the people affected by the delays, adversely affected! really glad to see Denari there! lol