Gypsy: Baby – Widower – Fortune


I looked at this draw for awhile, not quite sure, but then it clicked and told me a story.

Baby is the card of fresh starts, something new is brought into your life, new experiences,.

Widower had me stuck for a moment, as I don’t literally know any widowers at the moment! It’s the man standing on his own, having no one else to depend on but himself now. He is respectful of his past and has a deep bond. He is calm. He is alone & independent…… making his own way. Hhmmm, OK.

Fortune is fantastic to see! it’s the positive change in luck and fortune! There are bright abundant times ahead! there is a positive outcome to events, a turning of the tide …

I take this all to mean that there is something new coming into our lives, a new opportunity and offer, I’m not sure what! but I’m able to stand on my own two feet, not beholden to anyone else.

With the Fortune card following it, I get the words “financial independence” coming into my head. These cards are showing that something is coming that changes everything!   I bought a lottery ticket for tonight ! lol


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