Tarot, my old friend~

I was drawn to the tarot when I was very young. I would be accompanying my mother through the checkout line and see one of those Dell pocketbooks for reading your future with tarot, and my eyes would glaze. I would pick them up and gingerly thumb my way through it’s pages of wisdom. Sometimes, I’d even buy one with my allowance money! before I even had a deck of cards!

I firmly believe that this is a bleed-through from a former life. Those cards were my friends, once before, in some distant time, and I wanted badly to reconnect with them.

I finally got a tarot deck in my teens, and I’ve had many around me ever since….a day doesn’t go by when I don’t shuffle my old stand-bys and see what wisdom they want to share.

I went through a period of a year, where I started to lose interest in them. I think I hit a brick wall, and felt that I had reached a plateau with them. They just weren’t speaking to me in the same way! I got into a rut.

It was during this time that I started  discovering other card systems, and the enthusiasm that I had felt when I was young, was rekindled. I never stopped using the tarot, but wanted to hurry on to some other novelty. Then an interesting thing happened. As I was intensely learning the Lenormand which focuses greatly on card combinations, and reading with playing cards which has many correlations to the tarot, I found that my tarot reading was changing as well.  An entire new way of looking at the tarot just kind of sprung up before my eyes, and totally  reinvigorated me!

Now, I joyfully read again, and want to try different experiments with the cards.

If you find that you get stuck after years of reading, mix it up! try something completely different. You’ll then gain fresh eyes when you pick up your old standard – and fall in love all over again.


I’m a Queen of Pentacles 🙂

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