Gypsy Card warning not heeded!


I had no intention of choosing this draw for a post today! I scrunched up my face when these cards greeted me over my cup of coffee this morning, and a mental “gong” went through my head….”next!”  lol

No more than 30 minutes later though, I think this draw came true! I have been on overdrive since we decided to put the house up on the market- tearing around like Mario Andretti. It’s been a nervous energy, adrenalin pumping, as though I’ve consumed 2 Red Bulls!

I jumped up off the couch, and barrelled down the hallway, on to my next mission when I tweaked my right ankle wrong. I tried to compensate for it, but I was too late and felt the sharp pain shoot up my leg. Years ago, I messed up this ankle, tearing all the ligaments in it. I had reconstructive surgery which made it possible for me to walk again, but it’s always been tricky! I feel the bad weather a day before it arrives etc.

So now, I’m limping around, being forced to slow down to a crawl! I don’t know how that’s going to work out! sigh*The Universe/Higher Self is telling me to slow down, for sure!  🙂


Now that it looks like I won’t be running around (!@!) I’ll try to finish a couple of other posts!

2 comments on “Gypsy Card warning not heeded!

  1. (((((spirity)))))

    Oh dear………a warning to slow down for sure. Hope its not too serious and improves very soon.

    Cat xxxxx

  2. Thanks Cat,
    it’s a light sprain, so I’m hobbling about albeit slowly.

    It’s interesting though, after a series of days dealing with hectic activity and phone calls etc. and feeling really worn down; it’s as though the Universe said “Enough!”

    I was forced to slow down, and put my feet up, literally! and the phone has only rung once 🙂

    I’m getting a very much needed break! lol although I don’t like the pain!


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