Gypsy cards: Constancy – Visit – House


I hadn’t planned on posting another Gypsy card draw today, but the energy has been so strange leading up to the Full Moon on May 9th that I thought I would.

Yesterday I wrote about Misfortune – House – Sweetheart, and that I twisted my ankle pretty badly.

Another Misfortune befell me as well! Hubby is a classic Cancerian, and ever since my children and I moved in with him 10 years ago, we discovered that we could predict when the Full Moon would be, just by his behavior! He always gets very moody and cranky the 3 days leading up to it. I’ve read of “moon madness”, but brother! never thought I’d be married to someone who could change so much during the moon phases! crazy stuff-

He chose yesterday to go off the handle and get angry with me, over something he got it in his head that I did and I hadn’t! So, on top of being in BIG discomfort, I had an irate mate to deal with. It’s still not fixed, and I’m kind of dreading having to communicate with him later today… I was  glad to see this draw.

Constancy gives stable energy to the surrounding cards & situation. Nothing dramatic is going to happen, it should be pretty smooth.

Visit is the next card in the draw. Visit can mean literally just that, or it can mean discussions. Looking closely at the card, a few things come time mind. We have an older woman, positioning herself a bit higher on the staircase, she comes across as thinking she’s right about something, and she looks a bit stern in expression. The younger woman, is in a lower, more submissive position on the staircase. She looks like she’s listening to a criticism and frowning! She holds flowers in a gesture of openess, and wears a white dress. This makes me think of innocence and purity, as where the other, older woman is in darker drabber colors (more negative!)

The younger girl, just wants to be accepted and get along, but she’s getting an earful. That’s what I’m a bit worried about, that I’ll have to go through a criticizing, not so nice conversation, because of someone else’s negativity – but the Constancy card looks as though it reassuring me that this won’t be the case.

I’ll end up having an ok discussion with him. The House shows that this is family stuff, family discussions/meetings.

ha! we’ll see! Full Moon time is always difficult 🙂 Anybody else have to cope with a Cancerian?????


Update: these cards were pretty ‘right on’. I was definitely the younger woman standing lower on the staircase, just wanting to be light and happy – no drama – and he was definitely the other. It wasn’t completely smooth sailing to begin with, but it became smooth and stable pretty quickly. Not the bad encounters I was imagining. Darn good thing he doesn’t read my blog!! LOL Really glad that Constancy was there in the draw!

3 comments on “Gypsy cards: Constancy – Visit – House

  1. :):)………..yes, me! Although I must admit it’s usually me who has the Full Moon affects so maybe Pisceans are as bad. Good luck!


  2. LOL! Spirity, you and I could sit and chat a great deal, I imagine. I’ve been married twice. BOTH of my ex husbands are Cancer men. My mom is a Cancer, my dad is a Pisces like me. I didn’t get along with my mother, I don’t know why I thought being married to a male version of her would work… 🙂 The New Moon seemed to affect #1 a lot. #2 not so much, he was just unpredictable all the time.

  3. Both Cat and Lorielle are Piscean?? wow!

    My mother was cancerian, and we were very close – best friends actually 🙂 she could be moody but I never connected the Full Moon to her. Hubby is so affected by the moon that when he’s not, we can joke about it…but those 3 or so days leading up to joke at all. It’s like the worse version of pms!

    Lorielle, there must be something innate about Cancerians that you are drawn to! just probably shouldn’t marry:)
    My ex is a Leo, just like my Dad was. So my two choices of ‘life’ partners were the same signs as my parents. Crikey! (I prefer my Cancerian even with the full moon! lol)

    I bet the 3 of us would have ALOT to share if we were all together! too bad we’re all over the globe! lol


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