Gypsy~ Desire – Constancy – Journey


I drew these cards this morning. My deepest desire at the moment is for security and stability again. This is reflected perfectly in the cards, Desire and Constancy. I long for things to get back to ‘normal’, to have a routine that I can count on.

The Journey card threw me for a little while, so I sat on this draw, contemplating it’s meaning. The Journey card can be translated literally, (and my husband is flying home today!) but it can also refer to the transformation of things, that changes are on the way; either of actual circumstances or of attitudes.

Madame Seaqueen writes that the Journey card can mean “quick delivery”, or “something is on it’s way”. This is what I was feeling, as I contemplated it in connection with the 2 other cards.

I have a strong desire for our situation to stabilize, and with the Journey card it is assuring me that it will very soon.

2 comments on “Gypsy~ Desire – Constancy – Journey

  1. Hi Spirity… I hope the cards are correct in signifying that sense of security coming your way. I can sense from your most recent posts that this is something you are craving in a big way. I hope everything gets straightened out for you very, very soon!

    Big, big hugs,
    Kiki 🙂

  2. Thanks Kiki,
    It’s a funny thing about all of this. I know what I prefer…but when I’m doing the cards, I’m completely detached and become the observer.

    I know very deep to my core that I create my reality- I have proven it over and over again to myself since I first learnt the principles in the late 1980’s.

    This lack, and the stagnation is (in my opinion) a direct reflection of my husband’s (and my observation of) total consuming focus on battling the Cult woman legally. Instead of putting the energy on what was wanted, it was focused on battle and being ‘cheated out of’ – and our physical reality is mirroring back the lack!

    I got really angry at myself, for allowing my focus to turn so often to it- but I haven’t found that antedote for ignoring someone else’s focus of thought day in and day out!

    We’ve learnt alot- and I’ve done my best to pivot and turn, over and over, so I still know in my heart that we will be just fine. I’d recommend to everyone to stay away from legal fights, if at all possible, because it will change your life in ways that you might not understand!! lol


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