Kipper~ Priniciple Person(man) – Gain/Win – Busy with Work


My husband returned late last night, after being a month away in Vancouver; so although we did cards, I didn’t get time to post until evening.

I liked this one from the Kipper deck. It shows

  • Principle Person (Male)
  • Gain/Win/Lots of Money
  • Busy with Work

Principle person signifies my husband, and this is saying that he will come into alot of money (from one of the vehicles I’ve written about). When it does, he’s going to be very very busy! not only are we going to be rushing around settling debts, but there will be alot of other work to do with either of these gains.

It’s exactly what he wants, to get busy with work again….been stuck for too long 🙂  So the cards keep trying to tell us, that things are about to change….