Whips – Victory Horse – Gnomes

Red 7 WhipYellow 12 Victory HorseYellow 8 Gnomes

(You can click on the card to see them a little larger – the yellow cards look better in person!)

When I see the Whips card, I think of busy activity, physical labor as in the Lenormand. It could also pertain to disagreements and arguements leading to a break in relations.

In the Pages of Shustah book it describes the Whips card as a card of discipline; or of physical difficulties, emotional unhappiness, great mental effort, karmic strengthening of character. I can identify with all the different levels meaning at the moment!

This karmic strengthening of character, and time of struggle and discipline will lead to a personal victory, place next to the yellow Victory Horse. It’s the passing of a test; the feeling of progress. It’s the victory in a competition. It’s also the card of Intuition. Always remember to stay true to that inner voice!

Very simply, I feel that these 2 cards are saying that this time of testing, of lack and struggle, of arguements with my mate etc. is making me stronger in an important way; and that I will come out the Winner because of it.

The yellow Gnomes has the value of the dynamic¬† power of inner developing of emotional concentration. It is the gain through labor & industry. It is literally the transmutation – the deep inner change that comes with work on one’s self.

The Gnomes in the card have expressions of great effort and grimace, but they bring forth nuggets of gold. There are great rewards both inwardly and outwardly in the Winner’s Circle for this time of struggle.

I must take heart with this message, and forge on; even in the face of criticism and not exactly warm approval for my efforts- I will gain more than what I perceive I have lost!

I will come out a winner in spite of it all…