Gypsy cards sharing a message I just didn’t understand :(


I drew these 3 cards this morning amongst some others, and sat on them. To be honest, they just weren’t speaking to me! It is now getting late, and the answer has come.

It was a very strange day, energy wise- dealing with an ex-husband who was really annoying and then a not so nice encounter later with my present partner. Things were said, that felt mean and unfair; that’s the only way I can describe the way I feel about it. We ended up at different ends of the house after dinner!

I was perusing Esther Gombor’s great blog, and lo and behold! she was writing about the card Misfortune! A piece of the puzzle fit in the learning the language of the Gypsy cards 🙂

16Misfortune can refer to the dismantling of something. It reminds me a bit of the Tower card in the tarot- where everything is falling apart after being struck by lightening…. in this case, it was telling me this morning that my faith and feelings of loyalty towards the Dog (which is the one you trust in the Lenormand) would be dismantled in some way today. It was telling me that my feelings would be rocked in some manner. I never dreamt that I would end up feeling mistrustful in a sense towards both my ex-husband, and my now husband of 10 years in the same day! how odd is that?

I didn’t have a clue of this this morning, and would have bet against it even if I had understood! But early evening, there I was getting a major lecture, full of criticism on the flaws of my character! not only was it skewed and somewhat of a projection of his fear, but it hurt very deeply. And frankly, it made me think and feel differently about this man. He will pick the damnest times to go off on a tangent over the smallest of things.

We are so completely different… to me, the little things don’t matter too much in the scheme of things. I can take a lot of things in stride without getting bothered. He’s just the opposite, and allows inconsequential things to upset his apple cart! Opposites really do attract..

I’m afraid that these episodes are eroding my faith in my feelings and in us. That’s a terrible thing to admit, but when someone knocks you for something little, when we’re facing a lot worse, it feels warped to me.

And then there’s the ex…I’ve worked very hard since we divorced to always be kind, never speak ill of him to our children, and give him the benefit of the doubt…just to have him try to use our present difficulties to his advantage! Not a good day for me with the two men I have trusted the most in my life!!!! yikes-

So, the cards were right, even though I didn’t get it! hmmm…I’m glad that I saw improvements in my present relationship and in life’s challenges in the next month! Check out my Lenormand and Playing card reading of May 18th on my sister blog, The Lenormand Oracle. I trust my cards alot more than I trust men at the moment! lol

2 comments on “Gypsy cards sharing a message I just didn’t understand :(

  1. Poor you :(…………..I sympathise having gone through this myself.Its very much a Cancer trait to sidestep the main issue ,which is usually a need to express their feelings openly,and project them onto someone else in an aggressive way. Hang in there…..:)

    Cat xxxxx

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