Mystical Kipper


  • Pleasing Letter
  • Gain/Win/Lots of money
  • Busy with Work

Now, funny enough, I wonder if I should be buying a lottery ticket with the look of these cards….it’s up to 49 million! At any rate, there is good news, possibly in the next few days or a week.

For the combination of the #7 Pleasing Letter & #11 Gain/Win, I just found these meanings!

07-11 a message over inheritance, win in Lotto, disbursement of an insurance etc. message, financial matters, a check for a large amount,….so I wasn’t off in thinking of the Lotto! lol

This arrival of money (from whatever source) brings about alot of busy activity, most like all the bills to be paid 🙂

I keep getting draws that are similar to these, so it must be hanging around in the ethers!

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