Sibilla~ Sacerdote – Militare – Consolante Sorpresa


Sacerdote is the authority figure. It represents the supreme power, the authority, the justice, the law. It can mean a magistrate, a lawyer but also a higher authority.

Militare has the meaning of “to support”. It can be the physical representation of someone who wears a uniform, such as a policemen, a fireman etc. or it can mean the act of support. I’ve also read that it can mean being physically forced.

Combining these two, I think it is showing that there will be a ruling from the Court, in my husband’s legal matter; showing support for him, but also, because of the next card in the draw, the court enforcing payment.

Consolante Sorpresa is the arrival of “win” money, in an unexpected way. It’s the lottery win, theĀ  inheritance, the legal win! It also has the connotation of the arrival of more than was hoped for…

So this is a very intriguing draw, for me at the moment- The Court is ruling in favor (in support) of payment. They will uphold the judge’s decision.

This is all brewing up now….and I think will change in a flash after years of embattlement.

I will update of course; maybe we will be hearing something shortly-