Kipper~Gypsy~Sibilla…saying similar things again?

Well I ended up with an amusing series of draws this morning.  I kept what I thought of them to myself and chuckled inwardly. I’ll wait to see if they’re pointing to what I think they’re pointing to! lol

Firstly, I drew:

6 Good Dame5 Good Lord15 Love and Friendship

I took this be myself and my husband, and continuing to get closer.

We have had a very strained, stilted week; so it’s kind of nice to see a warming to each other being predicted. I have kept myself pretty separate, being polite, but cool. I’ve been extremely efficient, and helpful with everything, but still distant.

I felt that I was very “wronged” and wasn’t appreciated for all that I did in his absence. It was severe enough for me to have fantasies of winning the lottery and saying “Adios”! lol   not that that’s what I really want…but you know how it can be 🙂

Then I drew these:


Well! looks like temperatures might be heating up, and not in an angry way! lol I haven’t wanted to be close in any way since this latest blow up…I think there might be some charm coming from my mate! Something is definitely changing for the better…if I allow it.

Then there’s this draw:


Now, there are different possibilities for this card draw, for sure! but after the other two, what I saw was the Stanza meaning of intimacy & privacy, relating to the bedroom….it has some spicy, risque meanings…passionate love etc! LOL

Then there’s the Gran Signore which is my husband. And the last card Militare can mean to support, to serve…but my brat mind could only see the the raised gun! Whoa! I’m being as bad as I can be!! lol

Can’t help it…it was the first message I got….someone is going to want some loving…

Now on a more serious note, La Stanza could instead, represent great news and the arrival of financial improvements. The Militare can have a negative side as well, and if it represents that, then it’s describing my husband, the Gran Signore.

It can be a state of deep depression, sadness & helplessness. This would describe him pretty well at the moment; he is dealing like a valiant gladiator, but what we’re dealing with would break most people.

So again, La Stanza is a fantastic card to see here- because it’s a definite indicator of great news and better circumstances. Thank goodness!

Got to keep a sense of humor in the midst of it all!

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