Domestico – Consolante Sorpresa – Denari


I have been drawing the card Domestico quite alot recently, and started to wonder if I understood it correctly.

I went on an exploration of the card, and came up with these thoughts:

an adviser, a collaborator assistant, a  close friend; he is also the general servant and can be considered one who is weak in character, a subdued person, someone who feels impotent to change things.

My leanings are towards the adviser, collaborative assistant, or close friend, but who knows- looking at the card, I could almost see my husband, feeling unable to change things, and feeling beaten into a role he normally doesn’t don. BUT! he is opening the door for the arrival of something! and that is:

Consolante Sorpresa again, refers to the arrival of ‘win’ money, easy gain, or unexpected gain. It’s the card of unexpected Recovery, or a gift.

Denari is associated with financial success, gains and renewal which can be somehow connected to the past.

Again, another draw, really trying to reassure me that the money is coming from the past issue…the Domestico might be the lawyer, or from the one who was once a collaborative assistant. It doesn’t matter!! lol I’ll take the last 2 cards at any rate!

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