Pages of Shustah – Aquarius, Libra, Angel of Spring

Black 11 AquariusBlack 7 LibraGreen 13 Angel of Spring

I drew these cards from the Pages of Shustah deck, late last night. I wasn’t so sure about their meaning until I looked through some writings.

Aquarius brings a time of change, an outpouring of new energy. This is a time of new ideas, new proposals etc. Be ready to receive…. it also would correspond with my 20 year old son, Michael. He’s an Aquarian child.

With Libra, there is either a need to find balance in one’s life, or the scales are balancing out. Libra is also the sign of the scales for Justice; so here we go again, this could have to do with Legal matters around us.  The word “Fairness” popped into my head.. it is also the card that would represent someone born under the sign of Libra.

The Angel of Spring is the time of new beginnings, and that finally, the blockages are removed to make a way forward.  There is joy with this Angel, and fresh starts available.

I can’t help but to string these together to say that there are changes coming concerning the legal case, new proposals, something fresh….and with that new energy, the stalemate of the last few years is finally broken. I am freed from this stagnant situation, and new chapters are ready to be written!

That would be the most joyous of messages 🙂

on a smaller note, maybe the cards are hinting at a new romance for my son, with a Libran girl :)! he hasn’t said anything as such.

I prefer to think, in my time of searching, these beautiful cards were addressing me, and my inner disquieting thoughts last night, rather than a young romance. I share it all, just in case I’m wrong!

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