Tea Leaf cards ~ the week to come? hopefully?


StarElephantBroken WishboneUnicornRose

I was inspired to pull out my Tea Leaf cards again, after reading Tarot Dame’s week drawing. I was hoping I might get lucky and draw some good cards too 🙂 and I did! Hope it’s accurate, and especially in a week’s time! lol

*(You can click on each card to get a better look at each graphic)

The Horseshoe indicates that good luck will shower down on me during the time-frame shown.

The Torch has the keywords of Spiritual development, great enlightenment, awareness and understanding. (This reminds me of a Shustah card reading I did the other day) The Torch blazes against the night sky, illuminating everything and making it clear. Everything will become clear to me.

The Star speaks of guaranteed success. It could be in any endeavour.

The ElephantA long journey, either physical or mental, will leave you wiser at the end.  Information given to me during this journey will alter my view of reality and my personal life forever..

Broken Wishbone – A wish will not be granted. The Symbol brings unwanted news as it indicates that a wish very dear to my heart will not be granted. (Now considering the other cards preceding this, that’s interesting…but I have some thoughts)

The Unicorn tells me to use my intuition to make beneficial changes. This symbol advises me to put my psychic powers to work. If I follow my intuition (which I do, big time) I will be guided to something better.

And lastly, the Rose; always romance comes to mind, especially red! The book says that Romance will be in the air! lol and that I should open myself up to it and enjoy it…..ha!

The first four cards seem to go together to me, Horseshoe, Torch, Star, Elephant. I have definitely been on a very long journey; a mental/emotional/spiritual one. I have been through more difficulties than I have admitted even to my best friend. This past year has definitely changed me, and even more so in the last 2 months. Through this process though, is coming some good luck, and also a new understanding- there is an aha! moment coming from all of this, that is going to shift my perception in a dramatic way. I alread feel the shift taking place, but obviously I’m not done yet.

The Broken Wishbone didn’t make sense when I drew these a couple of hours ago, but I think it does now. My husband called the financial trader friend in the states; he was supposed to have the money to us this week, and we were praying that he would, so that we could pay our mortgage in time. This promise has been broken, once again; and my husband is just crest fallen. He is losing whatever hope and faith he had, that we would survive this ordeal.

As bad as it looks, (and believe me it’s really bad) I have this deep down knowingness that we will get through this, and not have to lose our home in the process! I don’t have a concrete answer to how this miracle is going to happen, but I still just have a gut feeling that this is all about to change…..

The Unicorn reminding me to follow my intuitive urges, is right on the track. I’ve been having a real prompting to go back up into the upper garage where things are stored, and go through very carefully to see what I can sell. I have a synthesizer up there in a box that I know would sell….and there must be much more that I could convert to cash, and also release the old energy.

Following those promptings just may save our necks again! lol and lead to more romance! who knows?

Tomorrow morning, that’s where I’m going to be…in the garage:)

Esther Gombor wrote a wonderful piece about cleaning out old unused items and recycling items to make room for the new, both physically and energetically. It was definitely a message to me! I didn’t miss the synchronicity at play! Your personal surroundings say alot about you- they are literally a reflection of your energy and your thoughts.

Now for me, my immediate living space, is pretty good! I’ve done well to have everything have a place that it belongs, and to stick to it. I’ve cleaned out the closets a few times! lol But the upper part of our garage, even though I started a major purge, still holds too much from the past. It has much of my late mother’s belongings, things from my childhood that I was too emotional to let go of until now. It has things from my husband’s pre-married days etc.

All of this “Stuff” is excess baggage! and it’s stagnant energy, holding us in place. I realise BIG TIME that it’s also a refusal to live totally in the now, and let go of the past. I had to face that recently, when I had to sell my childhood baby grand Yamaha piano to cover our expenses…..now I’m being given the opportunity to release, in love, more.

It is time, and I have a feeling that not only will it help financially, but will put my energies into a higher, lighter place as well…..making room for a new chapter and new life.

I know what I have to do now……………………. what about you? are you holding on to things that no longer serve you? maybe it’s time to re-think it, and ask yourself why you’re holding onto it.

Best wishes,


Update: I’ve got to say, even though it’s only 2 days after I posted this reading, I can see how it is coming into manifestation. I am very intrigued by what’s happening to me, and how the cards are reflecting it– I will expand on this once the week’s time is up.

2 comments on “Tea Leaf cards ~ the week to come? hopefully?

  1. Spirity… this is incredible… I have been putting off blogging all day because I haven’t felt it at all. I finally decided to skip it for today, rather than force it out of myself. I have been feeling blah all day. Then out of the blue, it hit me that maybe I need to simplify my life. Get rid of a bunch of THINGS that I don’t need, stuff that is just taking up space, cluttering up my energy field. The first thing I thought of was all the tarot decks that I hold onto, but never use. So I was looking through my inventory list, thinking of which ones I could put up for sale. Just then, I had the calling to visit your blog for some reason… and I came directly to your post about releasing things to clear your energy! Wow!! Amazing how we both found ourselves with this same realization and I felt that connection to you today!

    I love your tea leaf cards for the week! The torch and unicorn together sound like this will be a strong psychic/spiritual week for you. And more romance headed your way! Great news! LOL!!

    Keep up the positive expectations, Spirity, and everything will work out beautifully!


    • What a great synchronicity!
      I spent all of today rummaging through my belongings to see what I could sell (already have lots to give to charity)- and we listed quite a few things. It’s felt a bit hard, but right.
      More to research tomorrow 🙂

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