Baby – Fidelity – Little Money

BabyFidelityLittle Money

I drew these cards late last night, before turning in. What came to mind pretty quickly was that the cards were saying that telling my husband of my renewed efforts to go through items to let go of, and sell or give them away, hit the right note with my mate. It will also bring in some money- not tons, but at least some.

We’ve had some interest already on what we’ve listed, so that’s good.

I guess another way to read these would be to say there will be a new sense of closeness as some money becomes available?

I don’t feel like that at the moment! OR one of my children, (probably the one working in Banff) would offer us a helping hand because he is very loyal. Not something I want to do though- he needs every penny.

Those are my thoughts for that trio—anyone else have a different take?

update- the first two thoughts were correct on this draw. the very next day, we sold 3 items that brought in some much needed cash. It also seemed to ease the tension between us and my mate lightened up considerably. It helped to be able to pay some more bills! 🙂

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