Officer + Gift + Fortune


I was surprised and pleased to see these three. I think everything depends on how I translate the Officer card.

The Officer can be a lawyer, or it could literally be someone connected to the Government/beauracracy/officialdom. It’s a person with authority of some sort.

If the Officer isn’t a literal person, then it’s describing the characteristics of Discipline.

SO! either there is a man of authority, like a lawyer or a judge, who brings us the gift of good fortune. In other words, we get news officially that there is an offer to settle financially.

OR this Officer, would also be a good representation of my ex-husband; as he works for the Department of Defense. He could be offering to settle and pay me for money owed from the past….

OTHERWISE, from acting with discipline, I will receive the Gift of good fortune, and all that is connected to it. Fortune can mean a a lucky turn in one’s life, a positive outcome in a course of events, just good luck! it can literally mean a positive turn in one’s finances.

I have started plans on a website that’s just my own, it just in the development stage, but if the cards are referring to what has been primarily on my mind today, then it’s saying stick with it! I’ll do well!

This is one of those times I’d like it to mean all three!! (I’m not greedy, am I?)


10 of Cups ~ 5 of Cups ~ Chariot


There are few things that pop up for me with these cards.

1) The 10 of Cups referring to the marriage, or the family, or extended family; and the 5 of Cups showing a past issue…looking at something that comes from the past…or regrets¬† over a marital/ family matter.

The Chariot tells me that I successfully take command of the situation, and carefully control the opposing forces.

To be honest, a sticking point in our marriage was brought up once again in the last 48 hours; something that my husband had held on to and was bugging him.

Thankfully, I was the Chariot driver and successfully was able to transform what could have been a “deal breaker”-¬† we both ended up feeling better, and satisfied.

I drew these early this morning, before everything had played out – so they were right on the money!