10 of Cups ~ 5 of Cups ~ Chariot


There are few things that pop up for me with these cards.

1) The 10 of Cups referring to the marriage, or the family, or extended family; and the 5 of Cups showing a past issue…looking at something that comes from the past…or regrets  over a marital/ family matter.

The Chariot tells me that I successfully take command of the situation, and carefully control the opposing forces.

To be honest, a sticking point in our marriage was brought up once again in the last 48 hours; something that my husband had held on to and was bugging him.

Thankfully, I was the Chariot driver and successfully was able to transform what could have been a “deal breaker”-  we both ended up feeling better, and satisfied.

I drew these early this morning, before everything had played out – so they were right on the money!

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