Falseness – Officer – Unexpected Joy

FalsenessOfficerUnexpected Joy

This is a draw that my husband did this afternoon. Again the theme is expressing itself.

I saw the Falseness and the Officer as saying that due to some funny, sneaky trick that the court officer, or the lawyers pull, there is Unexpected Joy!

I think that once again, these cards are showing that either the process server or the lawyers are able to pull a fast one on the cult woman/con that brings about a joyous result.

I know that as of a few hours ago, that had not happened. The server has been camped for hours trying to catch her, and hasn’t been able to. This series of draws says to me that they pull a fast one though!

I’m noticing that the gypsy cards speak differently to me than they do to others at times. The basics are there, but I seem to see them differently. I get fortune telling type of messages from them, while someone else might get a psychological message….(not to say that I don’t also get those!)

It’s amazing to me how my Inner Being will pluck just the right combination of symbology from the cards, to get a message; while someone else looking at the cards would most likely have a completely different take on them. It’s an inner language I’m coming to realise more and more. We have an outline that’s somewhat agreed upon, but the nuances are all the reader’s. It takes some work to crack the code, but what a fun puzzle it’s become!

Desire – Letter – Thief


There are a few ways that I could interpret this. If the card Desire, literally represents my wishes and desires, then I am wishing on the “Thief” (the cult woman) to be served. We are waiting on news that this has been accomplished.

I would find it a bit odd to have the cards show something so obvious to me though. Of course I desire her to be successfully served so that she goes before the judge! Why would the cards tell me something I already know?

So I re-thought these a bit. The Desire card, can also represent a woman, and if so, usually a strong woman.

The Letter/Thief combination might actually represent a sneaky process server successfully serving the strong woman! Sneaky delivery!! now that makes more sense to me….something I don’t already know. My gut says that she will be successfully served with the summons in the next day or so.

I will update once we hear.

The Gypsy cards are really starting to speak to me, thanks to working with all the decks simultaneously.

Sibilla cards: Gran Consolazione-Riunione-La Nemica


When I draw the “La Nemica” card, I know that the draw has to do with our literal enemy: the cult woman/con. She is everything the Nemica stands for, and more. There is much I haven’t shared about this woman, I consider her ‘evil’.

The other 2 cards are very auspicious! especially together!

The Gran Consolazione speaks of a great change financially, coming. It is the reward of hard work and great effort.

Next to it is the Riunione card. This is an extremely positive card, and if there have been any problems, they are about to come to an end.  If there have been any disputes or legal problems, there are unexpected and rapid solutions. There are reconciliations with this card…matters are settled and peace returns.

I can only surmise that there is a quick turn around in this legal matter, and a settlement being made.

This is a theme that repeats itself with all the different decks. She is being cornered by the courts, and really doesn’t have any other choice; either settle or go to jail. I am pretty confident with my readings that she is about to finally settle.

6/7 years of fighting and proving the case, just might be about to end.

Showing a death-

Hi everyone,

I’ve been offline having been awfully busy with my youngest daughter’s high school graduation. I was so proud. She made High Honors for the year, and only 30 in her graduating class managed that 🙂 It’s hard to believe that my baby will be starting University in the Fall.

My last draw has not come to pass yet….it’s been 3 days? absolutely nothing comes close to being interpreted as Merriment-Unexpected Joy-Fortune….not even my daughter’s graduation! So I’m still puzzled as to what that’s talking about.

I continued to read cards and drew these 3 playing cards the morning of Thursday, June 26.

Ace of Spadesjack-spadesKingSpades

I thought that it might be describing my ex-husband. He’s always the King of Spades or the King of Swords. The Jack next to him describes him as a man from my past, but also the Jack of Spades shows up for me to describe someone who is shifty, or lying. This is true for him!

The Ace of Spades, can denote a worried mind, troubles; so my first inclination was to say that he was worrying about what he did, and it was causing him some grief.

Then another thought crossed my mind. I said, hesitantly, I wonder if this could mean a sudden death of a man?The Ace of Spades with 2 other spades can sometimes predict a passing. Seeing the Jack of Spades is similar to the Page of Swords in the tarot; which can mean sudden news.

We both just looked at each other, wondering if someone we knew was going to pass…

My husband during the same card reading time, drew these 3 lenormand cards:


I had taken this to mean, mysterious death…or questions/doubt around a passing. This all happening at a distance from us.

Neither of us had a clue and just noted it down for June 26th.

It was later that day that the news media announced that Michael Jackson had passed away. There have been growing questions about prescription medications that he was taking as well.

It wasn’t until late that night, that it dawned on me that those two draws were talking about a news event and not something within our family. His passing was so strong in the ethers, that our cards even picked it up.

No matter what you thought about the controversy surrounding his life, he was a brilliant entertainer and we were deeply saddened by the news.

I like this draw! a heck of alot!


Wow! what a change from the past few days! This hasn’t manifested yet, but it looks like I have something to look forward to 🙂

Merriment shows the happy couple, dancing and enjoying each other. It’s the loving relationship, it’s the good time. It’s the card of intense joy, of sharing something wonderful with another.

Unexpected Joy, is just that! something happens out of the blue that makes the heart sing! It’s the quick change in a situation for the better.

And with those two, Fortune. Fortune is the good luck, and change in circumstances for the better. It can literally mean a change in financial matters…major increase.

If I were to guess, it looks like my husband and I are finally going to get some of the monies we’ve been waiting on and that we celebrate 🙂

There is also a hint with the Merriment and Unexpected Joy cards of a gift coming from my mate that’s a total surprise.

Now, have you ever noticed that the nasty draws seem to manifest immediately? I certainly hope this happy draw does the same.

Magical Forest Tarot: Hermit + 6 of Swords + Queen of Cups


These cards are also a very good reflection on me, as was the Lenormand on my sister blog. I’ve been through alot, and my gut reaction was to retreat and regroup.

Today, I have gone inside of myself, reflecting on what has just happened with my ex-husband’s antics. I’ve needed inward time to try to find my balance in all of this.

The Hermit shows that by doing this, I will find some peace for my troubled mind. In the classic Rider Waite image, 6 of swords, the troubled and defeated people are moving from turbulent waters to calmer ones. They are leaving it behind, and moving on.

Inwardly, this is what I must do- let go of this “past” in my mind, sever all ties emotionally. Today this is my goal.

Thank you

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. I was able to get in to see our dentist, even though I couldn’t pay….he was very kind, and got me temporarily sorted until we have funds next week. I’m pretty sore!!! It’s amazing how if anything goes funny in the mouth, it takes over everything. Sadly, there was too much infection and deterioration with the tooth under the temp crown…they’re not going to be able to save it. I had to keep putting off getting it fixed because of health and finances–what a year. I’ve never lost a tooth before, and got to admit, I cried. I know he’ll fix me up as though it never happened…but I’m mourning my tooth! lol

Not a nice day :(

I’ve had a very strange day of not feeling quite well. I thought I was getting to a better place, when this afternoon my crown fell out!!

I can barely talk, forget eating…and am in a bit of pain 😦  so hopefully after an emergency trip to the dentist in the morning, and I can write about the cards.

Best wishes,


ps- my last draw summed it up clearly!

Kipperkarten: A Small Child – Good Dame – Short Illness


I came up with at least 3 probable interpretations of these cards; with one being more obvious.

The Good Dame in the middle, represents me; and to the right of me is the Short Illness card. This card describes a weakened condition, of feeling at present weak and tired. The Small Child on the other side of me reassures me not to worry, it’s nothing big, just a small temporary condition.

I woke up this morning and knew something was wrong. I felt absolutely exhausted, and kept doing clumsy things hurting myself! I felt disconnected, as if I hadn’t settled back into my body correctly when I woke up this morning. I quickly gave up trying to do anything of importance, and had a rest day.

So these cards fit the bill.

Another way of reading them is that there are new beginnings for the Good Dame, a new venture. There are small gains or a new project starting for the Good Dame.

The Short Illness card has the timing of “soon” or it can describe taking small steps forward. This would also be a correct interpretation on another level- as I’m starting up a cottage business online soon! Stay tuned on that one 🙂

The last possible interpretation, doesn’t have anything to do with me. The Small Child and the Good Dame, can combine to mean “granny” or the happy older lady. This woman is starting a new chapter soon as well OR she might have a short bout of illness.

Now my mother is passed, but I’m still connected to my ex-mother-in-law….I’ve known her since I was 16. She’s 89, and just getting ready to move back to the states from England, to live with a different son. I think she’s happy about it, and it’s happening in the next week.
So, a whole new chapter in her life about to begin. Hopefully, she doesn’t get too stressed and fall ill. I will update if I hear anything.

So 3 very likely ways to read these cards, and not the only!

Gypsy cards: Journey – Lover – Sweetheart


These cards were drawn on Wednesday the 10th. There are 3 ways that I have come up for interpreting them, from mundane to pretty sublime.

On the mundane level, hubby and I going somewhere….lol…very deep! We ended up taking the dog to a state park and walked through the woods for a long while. It was first time in ages that we’ve done that.

On a little higher level, there is action starting to happen with the business again. After talking to his business partner on the phone, it was decided that he and I would journey to see him in VT in the next week or so! so that’s definitely on the money.

On an even higher level, the Journey card can also mean a change, a transition in circumstances, or feelings. So I could very easily take this to mean that

  • 1) things are about to change for us in the physical sense, and
  • 2) that our relationship is going through a change/transition (which it is)

So it’s interesting to see how a simple 3 card draw can have layers of meaning!