Kipper~ Court+Pleasing Letter+Rich Good Lord

23 Court7  Pleasing Letter13 Rich Good Lord

I was pretty pleased to see these this morning. Once again, they are pointing to a certain, very important issue in our lives: the legal case.

The Court and the Pleasing Letter can mean a decision from the court, or a letter of the court. It’s pleasing news from ‘authority’, or crucial news.

The Pleasing Letter and the Rich Good Lord literally can mean good news from the lawyer!

I keep getting cards referring to this! Now it needs to manifest already! I don’t need any more messages- I need action!!! lol NOW!!

One comment on “Kipper~ Court+Pleasing Letter+Rich Good Lord

  1. LOL, the cards really are drilling the message in, aren’t they? I hope they manifest soon too- must be quite hard to be patient for the “good phase” to pop in when things have been so difficult for so long. :p

    I think I remember reading in one of your posts about how your readings have been all about legal cases and that at least we’d all know where to go if we ever needed more info on reading about them. I giggled a bit at that, because my readings have pretty much been all about work as that’s the issue I’m having some major problems with. The upside of it is that I learned fast in reading about work problems…lol! But anyhow, I just wanted to add that your posts about legal cases are indeed helpful to me. That’s probably the one area that I have the least experience in as the subject hadn’t factored much into my life or any of my sitters’ lives. I should knock on wood…


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