Gyspy cards: Ecclesiatic – Judge – Sweetheart

I also wanted to share a Gypsy card draw that I did yesterday, and had wondered about it’s meaning. I found out within  an hour what it was referring to, and was very surprised. Here is what I drew:


I remembered saying off the cuff to my husband, who wondered what the cards meant, that either I was being morally or spiritually judged/criticized, or that I was acting morally superior in some way.

It was all I could think of.

Soon afterwards, we got into a bit of a heated discussion as my husband announced what he planned to do when he got a payout. It was not what we had originally agreed on, and I was a bit disturbed, questioning him on it.

He quickly got defensive about his intention, and at the same time started criticizing me for not agreeing and understanding immediately. He, right off the bat, judged me both spiritually and morally. There was a difference of opinion on what was metaphysically going on with a certain situation; and in trying to defend his position, he attacked my thoughts on it!

 I, the Sweetheart, was on the receiving end of this one.

I suppose that if it were me doing the spiritual judging, my card would have come first. I realised very quickly, that we were never going to agree totally on that situation….& that we would never know for sure what the truth really was-  so I surrendered. The one thing I have learned is to know when to fight for something, and when to pass on it. For now, I pass.

He was shown later that day, by an outsider who is very psychic, just how his actions and words were being taken! so it all came around quickly.

I am really fascinated in how the Gypsy cards are talking to me- they are a very intriguing little deck!

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