Gypsy cards: Baby – Lover – Hope


These 3 cards are very optimistic. The Baby, as in the Kipper cards, talks about new beginnings, new projects, a new chapter or feelings. Whatever this new thing is, it affects my mate (Lover) in a very positive way.
The Hope card next to him shows a new optimism, a lightening of his Spirit. It’s believing in a positive outcome; some new thing, or an offer brings about a change in his heart and confidence that all will be well.  Now the Hope card can also refer to a fair haired woman. The woman who he has been fighting in the courts happens to be blonde. Maybe she offers him something?

Looking closely at the Hope card, we see a woman standing firmly on the coast, standing with an Anchor that she’s got control of. The Anchor is a symbol of stability, and again, of being grounded. She’s on firm, solid ground, so to speak. The Ship is moving out to sea, with it’s sails fully working. The wind is moving it away and the clouds with it.

She stands unruffled, nonchalantly letting 3 roses fall through the air. The number 3 is the number of manifestation, of growth. Why roses though? they’re a symbol of passion….there’s a “wind in the sails”…is this also the card of new passion/enthusiasm? Just a thought.

This card comes up to mean recovery, or financial security. It can also mean a journey, so it’s possible that some new project or proposal sends him off travelling.

All I can tell for sure, is that this is a good change for him.

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