Playing cards~

jack-spadesspades9-70551110 of heartsking-hearts

This morning, these 4 cards were a part of a larger spread that I did.

Most of the time, the Jack of Spades represents my husband’s oldest daughter, who lives abroad. They haven’t been as close this year.

The 9 of Spades told me that there would be stress/worry around this young lady; and the 10 of Hearts described the stress…to do with family matters; in particular, with the King of Hearts (her father).

I took note of it, but didn’t mention it to him. Out of the blue later today, he decided to try to find out how she was; and called her mother. Surprisingly, his daughter happened to be visiting and answered the phone. They spoke for awhile, but it was very strained and polite. She was very uptight and on the defensive about everything. It was not a very enjoyable call.

I found it amazing that he chose today to try to contact her, and actually connected with her. It’s been about 6 months since they’ve spoken!

The Playing cards correctly predicted that scenario-

3 comments on “Playing cards~

  1. You are the only person on hte net that Ive found that reads her card meanings so much like ME! 10 of hearts has always been heartsick or heartache to me..when everyone else reads it as Joy/happiness.

    so Glad I found this blog!! i would love to learn more, have been itching to..its been tough because barely any of the meanings ive seen so far fit mine and the way i was taught!

  2. Hi Holly, welcome to my blog!

    In this line of 4 cards, you read them from left to right; with each successive card having an influence on the one before it.

    The J of Spades (the daughter) is stressed/worried (9 of Spades) about family matters (10 of Hearts) concerning her father (King of Hearts).

    Singly, the 10 of Hearts would be about joy and happiness,family,marriage etc, but when a spade is next to it, it changes the story a little bit.

    The best place on the net to really learn about reading playing cards is Kapherus’ wonderful forum The Art of Cartomancy (Check the Blogroll for the link)- I’ve learnt SO much in the last year or so there. We all help each other with learning to interpret. I can’t recommend enough, joining us there!Kapherus is a phenomenal teacher.
    There’s also a great list of recommended books there too-

    I also recommend Regina Russell’s “The Card Reader’s Handbook” very highly. Just google her name 🙂
    I’ll be sharing more on playing cards in the near future-

    best wishes,

  3. THANK YOU so much Spirit..I will def take your advice!
    I was taught by a friend in hawaii…8 years ago…we’ve lost touch since then…Ive been trying to find her method on the net..
    What I read from your blog/spreads have been so in sync with the very same method I was taught.

    I look forward to logging in and reading your posts/readings of the day 🙂

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