Pages of Shustah: Celestial Bees – Harmonizing Page – Holy Pigs

Blue 8 Happy BeesBlue 11 Harmonizing PageYellow 5 Holy Pigs

The Celestial Bees are the card of Creative Activity, and loving work and emotional enthusiasm. “Busy as a bee” : this definitely reflects my whirlwind of mental and physical activity. The Celestial Bees is the image of creative industry. I have been ensconced in a project that is soley for me; a creation all my own and it’s a joy to work on.

The Harmonizing Page also reminds me that it’s important to take time to relax and recharge my batteries, even though I’m fired up with enthusiasm for my new project. I will create even more from a place of relaxation and harmony. It also says to me that I will find serenity and a sense of Self in this creative endeavor. There is satisfaction from my activity.

The Holy Pigs is a great card to see! This is the card of Good Luck and of material gain and good fortune in any endeavor! These cards seem to be saying to me that my project is going to bring great rewards, on many different levels. It represents the work and  preparation towards mental wealth.

*I am designing a website for my creative side, that I hopefully will have up soon 🙂

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