Playing cards come true within hours!

As part of a bigger general spread with the playing cards, in the position of what is unknown I drew these 4 cards:

king-diamonds208px-10_of_spades.svgQueen of Heartsking-hearts

I said to my husband, “this doesn’t look good! we’re the King and Queen of Hearts….”
There is grief or frustration connected to the King of Diamonds that somehow affects us. I hope it’s isn’t “D” our financial trader friend…

I then took a step back and said, “well, this could be a banker type or someone concerned with finances giving us hassle or grief..”  we both rolled our eyes and hoped that wasn’t the case.

Sure enough, a few hours later, there was a phone call from one of the credit card companies. Usually the people are very decent and polite, but this time my husband got someone who was obnoxious. He got so pissed off at him, that he demanded a supervisor and hung up until they could find one for him to talk to!

These people call every few days, “gently” reminding us that we’re overdue with a payment (Like we didn’t know!)- but usually they’re polite! this one really got my mate’s temper riled.

So remember, King of Diamonds….banker type, credit card/finance guy….  (@!$#%8#)

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