Gypsy cards: Journey – Lover – Sweetheart


These cards were drawn on Wednesday the 10th. There are 3 ways that I have come up for interpreting them, from mundane to pretty sublime.

On the mundane level, hubby and I going somewhere….lol…very deep! We ended up taking the dog to a state park and walked through the woods for a long while. It was first time in ages that we’ve done that.

On a little higher level, there is action starting to happen with the business again. After talking to his business partner on the phone, it was decided that he and I would journey to see him in VT in the next week or so! so that’s definitely on the money.

On an even higher level, the Journey card can also mean a change, a transition in circumstances, or feelings. So I could very easily take this to mean that

  • 1) things are about to change for us in the physical sense, and
  • 2) that our relationship is going through a change/transition (which it is)

So it’s interesting to see how a simple 3 card draw can have layers of meaning!

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