Playing cards: King of Hearts – 5 of Diamonds – King of Clubs

Four days ago I drew 3 cards from a deck of playing cards. These were:


The King of Hearts is my husband. I told him that he was going to hear from his lawyer about the legal matter shortly.

The 5 of Diamonds can relate to legal issues or a legal judgement, and next to the King of Clubs I was pretty certain that it was describing the lawyer. The King of Clubs is the business man who is usually also married, which his lawyer is 🙂

Sure enough, last night, only 3 days later, my husband got the first communication in weeks from his lawyer sharing the latest news on the court case. The judge has spoken, and action is being taken!

I love seeing the dailys coming through loud and clear!

3 comments on “Playing cards: King of Hearts – 5 of Diamonds – King of Clubs

  1. this would be more suprising if there wasnt a court case going on, with regards your husband.
    i think you are seeing coincidences where there are none.

    • Hello Lex,
      Thank you for your comment. In reply, I would say that first these are personal daily draws for the most part, that reflect what is going on in and around my life. The King of Hearts is always my husband in these sorts of draws. I do not personally know another King of Hearts, so when it shows up it refers to my husband.
      Secondly, I was taught through my studies with Kapherus and with Regina Russell, that the 5 of Diamonds very often has to do with legal matters, so it’s not a leap at all for me.
      Had I been reading someone else, I would have been describing the characteristics of the 2 gentleman and suggested that there was a legal matter.

      The fact that this was a daily draw, and showed that he would be contacted by his lawyer, (whom he hadn’t heard from in months), and the fact that the lawyer indeed contacted him within a few days, shows that I read the cards correctly.

      Whether you assign another meaning to the 5 of diamonds for yourself, is really not pertinent here, because these are myreadings, and that’s what the 5 of diamonds most often relates to for me. Do you understand?
      We build up a personal symbolic language with the cards, the more we work with them.
      If you were to draw these cards, you might have a completely different message.

      As for the coincidences, there aren’t any. There are only synchronicities that you are either sensitive enough to pick up on or not.


      • Spirit — As a 5 Diamonds (who practices law) I searched and found this site. Cool. I read weekly. Always a gift to find another and compare thoughts (and learn!). There’s a lovely energy at work in the world, and it’s interesting to learn about it. Will keep up w-your site. The best to you.

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