Desire – Letter – Thief


There are a few ways that I could interpret this. If the card Desire, literally represents my wishes and desires, then I am wishing on the “Thief” (the cult woman) to be served. We are waiting on news that this has been accomplished.

I would find it a bit odd to have the cards show something so obvious to me though. Of course I desire her to be successfully served so that she goes before the judge! Why would the cards tell me something I already know?

So I re-thought these a bit. The Desire card, can also represent a woman, and if so, usually a strong woman.

The Letter/Thief combination might actually represent a sneaky process server successfully serving the strong woman! Sneaky delivery!! now that makes more sense to me….something I don’t already know. My gut says that she will be successfully served with the summons in the next day or so.

I will update once we hear.

The Gypsy cards are really starting to speak to me, thanks to working with all the decks simultaneously.

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