Sibilla cards: Gran Consolazione-Riunione-La Nemica


When I draw the “La Nemica” card, I know that the draw has to do with our literal enemy: the cult woman/con. She is everything the Nemica stands for, and more. There is much I haven’t shared about this woman, I consider her ‘evil’.

The other 2 cards are very auspicious! especially together!

The Gran Consolazione speaks of a great change financially, coming. It is the reward of hard work and great effort.

Next to it is the Riunione card. This is an extremely positive card, and if there have been any problems, they are about to come to an end.  If there have been any disputes or legal problems, there are unexpected and rapid solutions. There are reconciliations with this card…matters are settled and peace returns.

I can only surmise that there is a quick turn around in this legal matter, and a settlement being made.

This is a theme that repeats itself with all the different decks. She is being cornered by the courts, and really doesn’t have any other choice; either settle or go to jail. I am pretty confident with my readings that she is about to finally settle.

6/7 years of fighting and proving the case, just might be about to end.

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