The cards were right again–

Back in the early part of July, (the 8th-12th to be exact) I had a few worrisome draws that I didn’t write about.

One of them included these:


The Jack of Hearts usually represents my 20 year old son, and I’m the Queen of Diamonds a great deal of the time. I immediately commented to my husband that it looked like I was going to be worried about him.

There were other draws in the oracles showing illness around the Jack of Hearts/L’Amante and I felt a great deal of worry. He’s been out in Alberta doing a work co-op for his college work.

Sure enough, within 2 days of the different draws, we visited with him on webcam and discovered that he was quite ill. We couldn’t seem to convince him to go to the doctor either! so I was very fretful!

Heย  eventually did go to the doctor’s when he still couldn’t sleep because of the pain in his joints.

I have only found out last night, that my son actually came down with the dreaded Swine Flu!!!! I almost had a heart attack! If I didn’t see that he was now over it and fine, I would have fallen apart. One of his college friends died of the Swine flu at the beginning of the epidemic, when he returned to Mexico to visit his parents.

Talk about an unbelievable year. I just count my lucky stars that my son is ok. He is coming home next week and I know that I’ll be doting on him! 11_2_104

Tea Leaf Cards~ Lily – Torch – Seahorse


I realise I tend to focus on the kipper, sibilla & gypsy alot, sorry! Trying to learn their language becomes very engrossing. As a change of pace, I brought out my tea leaf fortune cards to see if I could do a daily draw with them too.

I drew the Lily, Torch, Seahorse. (*click on the individual images to see them more clearly)

Lily represents Spiritual love, the unconditional kind. I can’t help but also think of the lily as a gray haired man that I know (from the Lenormand). Maybe I will feel unconditional love for my ex (hhmm)

Torch represents Spiritual development, great enlightenment, awareness and understanding. This card tells me that everything will become clear to me, I will experience great awareness and understanding.

Seahorse represents family matters. The seahorse talks about feeling weighed down by family matters.

If the Lily does also represent my ex, then there is understanding coming about a matter that hurt me very deeply, and maybe, possibly forgiveness with the new awareness. The last thing I want to do is hold on to any hurts connected to this man, there have been enough. Holding on to the hurt, only damages me….

This was the last message I was expecting to get! so very interesting. Something is definitely lifted to a higher level.

Sibilla: Consolante Sorpresa – Bambino – Mercante


I am still unable to write about legal matters at the moment, so I will share one of my readings that don’t reflect that subject!

Consolante Sorpresa is the financial gain that comes in an easy way. It’s the unexpected money, like a lottery win or a gift. It’s the money that is earned in an indirect way.

The Bambino shows that we are about to be offered some of this money, or new projects that are started from this money. The Bambino brings bright future prospects, and again financially, can be seen as lucky money.

The Mercante is the financial man, the trader, the banker. In our case, he usually refers to the financial trader gent, who we are doing business with.

This trio is showing that the money comes in, and that we are benefitting from it as well thanks to his generosity.

After many false starts, it looks like this is about to materialize.

Kipper: Collect one’s thoughts – Rich Good Lord – A Small Child


I really like it when a daily is just that, a daily.

When I saw the Rich Good Lord, I immediately thought of our financial trader friend. I commented to my husband that “D” is contemplating what he’s going to do with the money that’s coming in. There is an offer that he’s going to put forth to you.

Lo and behold! he called within a half hour of doing the cards. He is on the verge of receiving monies from quite a few deals, and called to share his thoughts with us. He gave us an mls# to a house he wants to procure for us when we transfer out West. When I saw it, I was grinning pretty widely.

Everything is coming full circle now. I can almost see why we have gone through this difficult time, getting rid of many things from the past. Symbolically, they don’t fit the new life we are going to lead very soon. After perusing the photos of this property, I felt alot better about the things I let go….(Everything except my piano, that is…)

Life really is full of surprises.

Gypsy cards: Death – Misfortune – Unexpected Joy

DeathMisfortuneUnexpected Joy

I’m not a good liar ๐Ÿ™‚ so I’ll be honest. I’ve been going through a really tough time. I am certain it is a spiritual test for me, and I know that it is changing me in ways that will only become apparent down the road in time.

On top of all the survival issues, my beloved laptop has been acting really funny this past week! Crashing at the most inopportune times- so I’ve been AWOL. While it’s relatively stable for the moment, I thought I’d quickly put up my great draw for today.

Had this been in another order, I wouldn’t be a happy camper.

Death, coming first, tells me that there is a major change coming to the Misfortune that we’ve been enduring. This change leads to Unexpected Joy!

Have you ever felt in your bones that everything was about to change for the better, even when you had no physical evidence of it? Well that’s me ๐Ÿ™‚ I can sniff it in the air… but even so, I was pretty happy to see this trio.

(My apologies to Kiki and a few others for not responding to emails…..hope to have a stable computer again shortly!)

Kipperkarten: Court+Expectation+Unexpected Money


Court is self-explanatory ๐Ÿ™‚ Court+Expectation describes us waiting for a decision from the judge tomorrow.

Ending in Unxpected Money! I certainly hope this means that there is a decision made that brings money sooner than we have expected ๐Ÿ™‚

Expectation + Unexpected Money though, could have the meaning ofย  money coming in the period of 3 months! God I hope not! This is someone else’s interpretation of this combo, but I would argue that if you have to wait 3 months then it is no longer unexpected money!!!!!

So hopefully my first thoughts are the correct one on this draw. I ought to be able to update this one quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

Gypsy cards: Message + Constancy + Some Money

Here is a strange draw that I got this morning. I’m wondering which way to take this!


My hope is that there is a message that brings stability to our shaky financial situation. News of balance and equilibrium….

It is my fear that this might instead represent a message saying that our money difficulties won’t be changing anytime soon! I think that if that were the case, then the Constancy card would be placed after the Some Money card instead, showing no change.

With that in mind, I will take the first interpretation! lol

What say you??

Kipper: Collect One’s Own Thoughts-Principle Man-Short Illness


The middle card represents the Principle Male. Like the Lover in the Gypsy cards, he represents my mate. I drew these and thought, “oh great”! not such a hot day! lol

It told me thatย  he might be withdrawn, caught up in his own world of thoughts and worries. That didnt’ bode well.

Two other issues are definitely reflected in this draw around him though. His crown and most of the filling material fell out too! just like me! He woke up this morning, totally fixated on it, and trying to figure a way to get into the dentist. Unfortunately, the dentist is closed today so he will be thinking about that tooth all weekend!

The other thing is that he got very worked up this morning worrying over his daughter who lives in BC. She’s had some very strange health problems, such as her hip dislocating weekly! He was certain, from some of his card readings that something else was going on with her, or about to be; and started stressing (obsessing) over that-

So these cards fit the bill! I can tell it’s going to be a weird Friday!

Victoria Regina Tarot: Tower + 2 of Cups + 9 of Pentacles


These 3 cards were the center of a Celtic Cross spread I did. I put down 2 cards crossed by a third….something I started doing 20 years ago, to add a little more information, and it works.

The Tower and the 2 of cups show that Out of the Blue! totally unexpected, we will reach an agreement (2 of cups).

In reaching this agreement, we will be financially secure again….our coffers will be filled (9 of pentacles).

The full spread showed that very shortly we would be celebrating an end to the legal matters; which will mean we will finally realize the big settlement awarded. I get the feeling that the woman will suddenly decide to settle rather than be hauled in front of the judge next weel. We shall see!

Sibilla Originale – Domestico+La Nemica+La Lettera

11C[2]ย  12S[2]ย 2D[2]

I have had a series of draws, that I’ve posted here, showing what I believe to be the “Enemy Woman” being served with court papers. I drew these this morning, and can’t help but think that these 3 are saying the same.

Domestico, one who serves! then La Nemica (evil one) and La Lettera, papers!

They’ve had trouble catching her, but I think they will eventually get her before the court date next Thursday. I can’t wait for next week to come and go, so we finally know what is going to happen with this court settlement! then my cards will start to reflect other things….and I know you’ll be grateful too! lol