Happy Canada Day! Principle Person-Pleasing Letter-Unexpected Money


The Principle Person represents my husband in my daily draw. Here, it says that he is receiving news; either an email or some kind of document (although I have read somewhere that it could be a phone call as well). It’s good news.

Obviously, it leads to money! but also, the combination of Pleasing letter and Unexpected money has the meaning of written contract will be made that brings money, news that’s all about money…

There is darn good news coming to my husband, and I look forward to it – maybe he will smile again soon.

Have any of you watched the tv series, “Lost”? I’m watching the dvd sets. Both my husband and I commented that we feel as though we’re experiencing our own version of “Lost”…stuck in a strange reality, where we’re dealing with any left over emotional issues that haven’t been dealt with before. The process of being stuck, not able to move forward, brings about some interesting challenges and lessons.

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