Sibilla: Dottore – Imeneo – La Nemica


The Dottore card can represent aid coming from the outside, just in the nick of time, during a time of great difficulty.

Imeneo has the meaning of  the fulfillment of an important plan in the life of a person. It marks an important chapter. It can also have the meaning of important pacts, alliances, or agreements being made.

La Nemica, for my husband and I, refers to the “enemy woman” that we’ve been embattled with for too many years legally.

I took these 3 cards to mean, that just when you think it can’t get any worse, something changes in the nick of time. There is an agreement made with the enemy.

We are in that spot, and would be glad to see the end of it now. It’s taken a toll.  Too many readings are hinting that the end draws near. I certainly hope they are telling the truth!

2 comments on “Sibilla: Dottore – Imeneo – La Nemica

  1. Love your reading blogs!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to put the cards together in a reading and this helps me out a bunch!
    Thank you for posting your readings!!

    • Thank you Idalia!
      I have loved working with all the different card systems.
      I’ve had major computer problems lately- had to completely start from scratch which was hard- (I push my computer too hard, I admit)-

      I’ve continued reading, but just haven’t been able to post- I hope after the next few days that will change and I’ll get back to normal posting.

      Putting cards together, takes practice and keeping a journal.. after a period of time you’ll start to see how the cards want to work with you.
      After the fact, I can then go back and write notes to show myself what the cards were reflecting. That’s how I keep learning.

      Best wishes,

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