Gypsy Cards: Some Money-Judge-Sweetheart

We’ve been busy the last couple of days mercilessly going through items in the garage. It’s been tough; throwing out things and selling others. It’s the end of an era, certainly.

I drew these cards this morning, and didn’t have a clue……now I understand.


I knew that this had to do directly with me, because the Sweetheart card signifies me!

All I could think of was that I was going to feel judgemental or critical over a small sum of money…..and that didn’t make much sense to me this morning!

We have had some items up on Kijiji, including my late mother’s stereo system. She only had it a year before she died, and it’s been sitting in a box for a few years. We decided to sell it locally- it’s not really worth much, but I found myself really “pissed” at accepting a very low offer on it, just to move it along.

Like I said, it isn’t really worth anything, but it was my Mom’s…and that’s where my resistance is. It’s hard to let go, even when I know deep down that I really wouldn’t use it. It was my Mom’s….

So yes, before the night was out, I found myself feeling pretty judgemental and critical over a low offer! They were definitely my cards for the day! lol

update: funny enough, the man didn’t show up. We waited and wasted our evening only to find out late, that his car had broken down. He hadn’t bothered to call us! We told him not to bother, and secretly that somehow pleased me 🙂
I’d rather give the stereo to charity!

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