Oracle Ge: (10)The Ship – (42)The Arrows – (30)The Scales

40 Journey42 Arrows30 scales

After a lovely post from Samson 🙂 I was inspired to pull out my Oracle Ge deck that was hiding on the bookshelf, and pull 3 cards to see what message they had for me.

The Ship card represents travel of all sorts; going on a journey.

The Arrows card represents indecision. There is a choice to be made, but there is hesitation for some reason.

The Scales card tells what kind of travel this relates to: Business.

I would not be the one who would be required to travel on business; it would be my husband. I suspect that there will be a proposal for me to accompany him somewhere on business, and I won’t be too sure if I want to go. It must be about the timing, and whether I can arrange home matters in such a way, that I would be comfortable leaving.

There have been some lenormand draws showing last minute travel for my husband…so this must be a bit sudden, and hence the hesitation.

Nice to see choices coming again though!

Cards with the same message-

Ace of Spadesaceofdiamondsist2_6961566-queen-of-clubs-two-playing-card

*An unpleasant or worrisome message being given to the Queen of Clubs.


A person of the court, an official, being sneaky with the Enemy woman!

In other words….. the Process Server pulling a sneaky stunt to serve court papers on the Bad Woman!

30 Court person8 False person7  Pleasing Letter

Again, a Court person (and this time literally) using deceptive means, or tricks, to serve documents!


The Thief card comes up regularly to denote the nasty woman that my husband is legally fighting. In this draw, it shows her finally receiving the news, or the documents that defeats her. I am pretty sure that these cards, also, are showing that she finally gets served. The Judge has demanded her presence in Court, mid-July. She has done everything she possibly can, to avoid being served. She knows that if she goes before the Judge now, he’ll send her to jail for contempt! The end is near, and I know that the process server was going to attempt again, over the July 4th weekend to catch her, and serve her the papers.

These are only a few of the draws in the last few days that show the same theme. I’m convinced that woman will, or has been served. Hopefully we’ll have news of this on Monday or Tuesday.

Isn’t it fascinating how the different decks can show the same theme? It helps to confirm to me that the cards speak clearly…no matter what kind of deck you choose.